• We are always busy…. I try to keep home but days we stay home all day he goes CRAZY! Our house is just too small to contain his energy. He’s happiest if we are out doing stuff, so I end up falling behind on housework to run around like crazy with him. It’s fun but I do get tired with all the stuff we pack into the schedule during our weeks!!!

  1. I love that he told the Dora story while at the pumpkin patch! Your weekly unit looks wonderful! What great skills you covered. Thank you for linking to Read.Explore.Learn. I am sharing this post on the Read.Explore.Learn. Facebook page today.

    • Thank you so much for sharing. The Dora-story part was so precious… and he’s been doing it with other things too. Like when he tried to put a shirt on as pants. His reaction: “No…too small!” lol

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