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Toward the end of the summer, I started reading a great book on motherhood called Beyond Bathtime. I won’t go into a lengthy review in this post, other than to say it’s definitely worth reading. The book takes a more “zoomed out” look at motherhood, beyond the today and all of it’s struggles (yet without minimizing them) and looks at the grander scope of what we do as moms to effect eternity. I have since started following their blog and Facebook page.

They have started a blog series called “Real Mom.” It’s just as it says… a REAL honest look at motherhood. Especially in this Pinterest-crazed, mommy blogging, one-upping sort of time that we live in, it’s easy to see “all the other moms” out in cyberspace as having it all together while we are hiding behind our screens terrified that our webcams will suddenly turn on when we aren’t looking and our messes will be exposed for the whole world to see. The purpose of this blog series is to dispel those myths and show that most moms are just like you are. With little me-time, sometimes-frustrating marriages, ornery kids, and messy houses.

A few weeks ago they put out a challenge on their blog for “real moms” to come forward and show pictures of their messy houses. Funny…not very many did. (Unless I’m missing the photo album somewhere!) I’ve been meaning to get around to it, but I just decided this morning that today was the day to “let it all hang out.” So here goes…

Real mom living room…an hour AFTER vacuuming:


Real mom kitchen (cleaner than normal):




Real mom nursery:


Real mom dresser (It always looks like this…I clean it about once every 3 months, and it stays clean for about 2 days. Unfortunately this has nothing to do with being a mom, this is just me.):


Real mom hair stuff that never gets used on a real mom (and dad) bedroom floor:


Glazed-over-eyes, I-need-another-cup-of-coffee no-makeup face, fresh-out-of-the-shower-hair, $2-shirt-from-goodwill…

Photos of my real-life messy house - I am a real mom |

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