1. Awww this is beautiful and you are so much like me! I have all these muddled thought around in my hear so often and it’s not until i get them down in my blog that I feel peace or that sigh of relief like ok I got it out and now I can move on. It’s a great feeling! 🙂

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  3. I like this. I have been struggling with my purpose in blogging for a while. My blog started as a way to share about our adoptions, but has turned into me sharing my humor or whatever else is on my mind with whomever will listen. I love it so much. And it is therapeutic. Now, if only I could find a balance. 🙂

    • Kate, I’ve read your blog often (not every post, but a lot of them) and I think you do have a niche in the whole “I’m stressed and I need an oh-my-goodness-i-just-squirted-my-drink-out-of-my-nose laugh today” arena. So keep at it. I’m more of an ushy-gushy “lets talk about feelings” (or my cute kid) blogger…humor isn’t my strong point. at all.

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  5. […] When I changed the name of our blog in January of 2011, I did so quickly, without a lot of thought. I immediately fell in love with the new name, but I had no idea then how special the title and the verses that accompany it would become to me. Over time I have become more and more transparent on this blog about my personal life and my emotional and spiritual struggles…and with each post I write, the theme beautiful in his time rings more and more clearly. It has become more than a title–it has become a mission statement. […]

  6. I was reading along with you, thinking, “Of course she has a mission … will she realize it?” And naturally, you did. 🙂

    I think a common misconception of blogging is that every mom is in it to “get discovered” – but that’s not true. Lots of moms blog for exactly the reason you do – to record memories, good and bad, and to connect with other moms.

    Great post!

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  8. Aprille,
    your admission that you blog for yourself makes me feel free to confess something myself. The more I seek to be spirit led in the content on my blog, the more the Lord seems to be leading me to blog for myself–to write out the words and thought journeys that He leads me on, and trust that He’ll take care of my readers if I’m being obedient to Him. The posts I’m most sure I’m supposed to make public–the ones He prompts me on, and gives me the miracle of time to get them pecked out despite being ‘too busy to blog’–those are the ones that, months and even years later, I realize I need to read and reread, because He taught me something in them.

    So, I just wanted to thank you for telling us that you blog for yourself, it has helped me wrap my mind around what has felt like a selfish reason to blog…when really, it’s how God is choosing to work in me. That He asks me to post publicly is part of the accountability that is drawing me to Him.

    The level of authenticity with which you blog is a blessing. Thanks and keep up the good work.

    • Trina, thank you so much. This comment really made my day. I think of all the things about blogging that scares me, it’s my insistence on exposing myself through vulnerability. Scary as heck 90% of the time but I just feel like that’s my calling and it’s those posts in which I am the most painfully exposed that seem to resonate with people, really touch hearts, and change myself. I worry constantly that people think I’m just seeking extra attention or drama by being so vulnerable, so thanks for the vote of confidence that it’s okay to do so.

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