1. This sounds like a great game that I definitely would have tried with my boys when they were younger…they still use flashcards, but when they study for tests in school!

  2. Awesome idea! I tried flashcards with my oldest, and they just got eaten! lol I gave up after that. Maybe I will try this with my little guy when he gets a bit older! Thanks for linking up to Mom’s Library!

  3. Alicia

    Hey! I’m a first-time visitor here. I saw your link over at “The Bliss Diaries”. I love this idea! My little man is a ball full of energy. This is a great combination of his energy, learning, and fine motor skills. Thanks for sharing!

  4. jtulip

    I love these types of games because they are so simple and the kids love them! I know my kids will enjoy this flash card game. Thanks for sharing at Mom’s Library!

  5. IThoughtIKnewMama (@IThoughtIKnewMa)

    Very fun idea! I’m going to try this with my two year old son.

    Thanks for linking up at The Tuesday Baby Link Up!

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