Preschool…on YouTube? Oh Yes!

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YouTube might not be the first resource that pops into your mind when you think of homeschooling or preschool, but I have found it to be an amazing resource for all sorts of educational fun!

Preschool…on YouTube? Oh Yes!  | At-home preschool resources for the very tired, non-creative, really busy mom.

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You can find just about anything on YouTube, which in this case, means letters, numbers, phonics, story times, finger plays, kids songs, and so much more. Here are some of our favorite playlists:

Phonics: includes everything from the ABC song to early phonics and reading skills like blending and letter sounds.

Counting and Math: I like some of the videos here because we aren’t just learning to count to 10 or 20. One of the songs even goes up into the billions! Includes silly songs like 5 Little Monkeys Jumpin on the Bed and 10 Little Indians.

Shapes and Colors: tons of cute songs and bright visuals for eager young minds!

Songs for Kids: one of my favorites because it gets Ezra dancing! One of my biggest playlists with over 80 songs for your preschooler! Think BINGO, Mary Had a Little Lamb, and The Farmer in the Dell!

Bible Songs for Kids: a playlist with some easy children’s Sunday School songs as well as some of our favorite worship songs!

Preschool manners, routines, habits, and behavior: a playlist to encourage and reinforce positive behaviors.

Stories for Preschoolers: one of the smallest playlists, but I hope to expand it! Dr. Suess books, the Big Hungry Caterpillar, and more!

I’ve also started some seasonal playlists for 4th of July, FallThanksgiving, and Christmas.

Any videos I’ve found that don’t fit in the above categories fall into a general Preschool Playlist, which includes opposites, food, field trips, weather, and more.

I have to take this moment to give a shoutout to Miss Tracey, Little Story Bug. Her YouTube videos are by far my favorite, and Ezra absolutely loves watching her. She is like your amazing preschool teacher who has put a ton of work into making videos for your child – and you get to share her all from the comfort of your living room! She uploads a new video every Monday, so make sure to subscribe to her channel or follow her on Twitter!

Finally, if you want to do something fun but completely not educational with your child, search for roller coaster POV on YouTube and take your kid to an amusement park for an hour. It’s a blast!


What fun YouTube videos or channels does your preschooler like to watch?

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7 thoughts on “Preschool…on YouTube? Oh Yes!

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  2. I have been using YouTube for over three years now and they had a nice selection when I first started to use them, but now the selection is large and we are loving it.

  3. Aprille, Thank you so much for mentioning littlestorybug in your blog. My husband and I are passionate about education and we love creating educational videos for children. We feel blessed to be able to reach so many people and the feedback and support has been amazing. You made my day and I can’t wait to share your blog with others. Thanks again, Miss Tracey

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