1. This is so wonderful, Aprille. You know, when I first started Joyful Mothering about 5 years ago, it started off as a place for me to grow in joy in my mothering. Quite honestly, the blog was birthed right in the middle of (or toward the end, rather) of being pregnant, birthing, and nursing 5 children within 8 years! I had just had my last baby the month after I started it.

    I focused a lot on the negatives because it’s like it was all I could see. So I started Joyful Mothering as sort of an accountability for myself to see more joy in my days. My hormones were all the rage at that point in my life.

    Now that our adoption is complete (which carried a lot of the same kinds of emotions as pregnancy and postpartum), it’s liked I’ve looked up for the first time in 12 years. “Oh, there’s the light. There’s the sun.” I had forgotten what it felt like to feel whole, physically. And I believe our spiritual and physical selves are linked. One effects the other.

    But if there’s one thing I learned during those years, it’s that I clung closer to Jesus than ever before because I was so desperate for Him. Oh it was messy. But it was real. I don’t want to not cling to Him when the sun is out and my season is turning so warm after such a long winter. This is a time of praise and adoration — maybe you’re entering that same season? 🙂

    P.S. Thank you for the link love. 😉

    • Christin – yes. I think that’s how I’m starting to feel. Things still aren’t easy but both my son and husband are getting help, we are more settled after 3 moves in 6 years, I’m learning my physical limitations, and definitely coming into more of my own personal and spiritual identity. I don’t always feel the sun, but I think that “settled” is a better term for it. I don’t know what the future of this blog will look like, but I think it’s going to reflect that settled feeling – no longer clamoring for likes and followers or writing out of anger or insecurity (at least that’s my hope).

  2. Sarah Kaminski

    I loved reading this post, Aprille. It feels like you are coming full circle. The messes will still be there, and we all have them. But God… He brings beauty to our messes to shine His light. He allows our messes so there can be more of Him. I know that your shift of focus will be a great encouragement to others because it will help all of is to see the beauty in our own messes 🙂 I am thankful you are so transparent in your sharing.

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