1. I will soon be 62 the oldest of 7 I have two brothers that had serious learning disabilities. Neither are stupid, both wanted to learn, but they could not learn the conventional way. I am proud of both of them they have accomplished alot. I am sorry they never got to finish school and was forced to teach them selves. I am happy with all the achievements they have made in helping these children. I have a daughter who struggled thru school never finished high school because we could not get teachers or the school to help her learn her way. She took her HEAD went to college is now a Registered Nurse. Her doctor always said she would do well once she got to college and she did. Some of these kids with learning disabilities are super smart. They just need to be helped. Please if you know one of these special kids help them, save them. Don’t lose them.

  2. Thank you for writing this. It is exactly what we have experienced. The decision to medicate is not easy but it is not an irreversible decision. If it does not suit it can be stopped. However we have to think of the consequences of out of contro ADHD on the whole family. Siblings lives can be made horrendous with an adhd brother or sister. Thank you for writing this it is good to hear of others who have our exact experience

  3. Reneerose Serrano

    This is really true. My son has an adhd, and finished his two years occupational therapy and he is ok now.

  4. Angelique

    A really great written article about the truth. I have twin daughters aged 8 and have to deal with both ADHD and ADD every day. It’s a continual struggle for us all but they are so precious and every child deserves to be praised and admired for their strengths and abilities. Thank you for sharing this.

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