1. Maria G.

    Love that you shared this! Thank you. Sometimes these sweet hearted kiddos are so complex with their needs and their thinking that it is so overwhelming to parent them and fill them up while not draining ourselves. It’s comforting to hear other moms struggle with such similar challenges. There’s so much hope in this post!! Bless you and Bless Ezra.
    -Love from another ADHD mama.

    • This is still my biggest struggle – I’m just SO empty and depleted. I really try HARD to make time for myself and self care, but his needs are so high and intense, I barely break even.

  2. Betty Smith

    Thank you for sharing !!! Even though to you it may sound like your not explaining every thing that you want, to a parent with a child with ADHD/ADD everything you said makes sense. I learn something every time I read an article like yours. I am so happy for your happiness !!!!

  3. Becky Wilber

    I can relate to this post SO much! Thank you! I live with a lot of attention seeking extroverts and I am totally an overwhelmed introvert just wanting some time alone. Thank you for helping me feel not alone. 💚

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