1. Keriann Collmann

    Do you have any additional resources surrounding the “always try” rule? I am finding this is applying to my ADHD son more and more, where he’s afraid to try/afraid to fail.

    • Just a lot of talking about how it’s ok to fail, ok to mess up. A lot of modeling (talking about your own failures). With food, OT has helped. Modeling too with mommy eating / trying foods she doesn’t like.

      Rewards for trying.

      First/then. First you try. If you can’t figure it out / do it , etc, then I’ll do it for/with you. (We are still dealing with him refusing to tie his shoes and this is the tactic we use).

      The Daniel tiger episode with the song “keep trying, you’ll get better.”

      There’s a song on Pandora about trying / practicing. I’ll try to find it tomorrow and post it here.

  2. We added to this, be safe. I always think that it’s a good goal to instill safety, we are all safety officers. Teach them this while they are young! You gave us the start of the four rules, and for that I’m greatful.

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