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A Hero’s Wife: A Prayer for Christian Military Wives

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This song “Hero’s Wife” was a work of God. As a Ministry Team Leader at the website formerly known as Christian Military Wives – now known as Christian Military Wives Fellowship, I was put in charge of making a tribute video that would represent the vision and desire of CMW. As I searched for a background song, I had trouble finding one that had an emphasis on God’s help for the Christian military wife. It was my desire to write a song, but nothing would come to my mind.

That’s when God brought Colleen Saffron into this song. At the time, Colleen was another Ministry Team Leader on CMW and the co-creator of the organization Operation Life Transformed. “The mission of Operation Life Transformed (OLT) is to provide education and resources to our military spouses and caregivers, and increase awareness of the long term needs of these families and support the military spouse and caregiver as they re-enter the workforce.” (This organization is no longer active.) Colleen’s husband is a 100% disabled veteran who was severely injured in Iraq. She is now his designated caregiver

Colleen emailed me three separate poems that she had written along the theme of Christian military wives. I took these poems, combined a few lines from each poem, added several lines of my own, and came up with the lyrics to “A Hero’s Wife.” As I was forming the lyrics the tune had already begun to form in my mind, and within a week I had the accompaniment to the song written. God’s timing could not have been more perfect! My husband was deployed, and I had already scheduled a trip out of town to be with my family. I was able to use my brother’s recording studio to record the accompaniment and the vocals, an opportunity which only presents itself a few times each year.

The photos that accompany the song on this video and it’s sequel (a second video with new pictures) —see videos below!— were submitted to me from members of Christian Military Wives and members of our group and Facebook Page. I pray that this song will be an encouragement and an inspiration to each person who hears it.

A Hero's Wife A Prayer for Christian Military Wives


Ring on her hand

Dreams in her eyes

No longer just one,

She’s a hero’s wife

She plans and she hopes, 

But it’s all set aside

When he dons the uniform,

She serves with pride

Lord, strengthen her daily

And give her Your grace

To walk down this rough path 

They’ve chosen to face

God, carry her hopes

On the wings of our prayers

And warm her with love

When he can’t be there

A Hero's Wife A Prayer for Christian Military Wives | Ring on her hand, dreams in her eyes, no longer just one, she’s a hero’s wife. She plans and she hopes, but it’s all set aside; when he dons the uniform, she serves with pride! Lord, strengthen her daily and give her Your grace to walk down this rough path they’ve chosen to face. God, carry her hopes on the wings of our prayers, and warm her with love when he can’t be there. #militarywives #milso #milspouse #armywives #Christianmilitarywives
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She lives for today

Shares laughter and love

Tomorrow’s not promised – 

This she knows so well

He chose to serve freedom 

She stands right beside him

No matter when his duty calls

She places her heart

In God’s gentle hands

For helping her husband

Was all in God’s plan

Lord, help her through struggles

The stress and the strife

While she follows You –

This hero’s wife. 

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