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Encouragement and resources for the military wife

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My husband spent six years in the active duty. This post is an accumulation of some of the resources that were helpful for me as a young military spouse. I hope that this list of posts, resources, books, and websites will be an encouragement to you wherever you are in your journey as a military wife!

Encouragement and resources for the military wife: from my six years as an active duty army wife

Posts for the military wife from my archives:

Candlelit Dinner, Why Not?: A post about how I creatively celebrated our first anniversary when my husband was deployed

A Hero’s Wife: A video of a song I wrote as a prayer for military spouses

How to pack cookies for a long-distance care package: A *very* practical post!

Homecoming 2009: Pictures and videos of our homecoming after my husband’s first deployment

The Wives Who Wait (A Christmas Poem): A poem written by my mom describing what Christmas is like for military wives

Songs for Military Members and Military Wives: A list of 32 songs to add to your deployment playlist to get you through the difficult days

Mac Drives, Movies, Mayonnaise, Milk, McDonalds, and Mondays: A humorous anecdote about how the deployment gremlins attacked me for a week

Reasons I enjoy deployment: Because sometimes, you have to look at the bright side or you will just go crazy

Sweet Silver Lining: This post shows some of the very real struggle I faced during my husband’s second deployment and how I looked for the silver lining in the midst of the hardship

This is our life: A post about the brutal reality of military life. PTSD, bad dreams, and coming face to face with death

pink ribbons, camouflage, and one happy baby boy!: A post in which I capture the moments of my husband coming home for RnR after being gone for nine months – includes pictures and video! 

“So how was your RnR?”: RnR was really hard for us. This post explains why two weeks isn’t enough to reconnect and the struggles we faced when we tried. 

Homecoming 2011: Pictures and videos of our homecoming after my husband’s second deployment

The Rest of Our Lives: Musings on Reintegration: In this post, I dissect the stages of reintegration and how they happened in our little family. Very honest post showing the pretty and the ugly! 

Military Ball? Check!: A post about attending my first and only military ball – something to check off of the bucket list but not necessarily something I would ever want to do again. 

Weary (honest thoughts about ETSing): As we neared my husband completing his 6 year contract, sometimes the weariness caught up with us. Even with a year to go, I was ready to move on to our new life. 

Choosing joy when the Christmas spirit is broken: A post about how my husband’s anxiety and combat stress affected our holiday season, and how I dealt with it personally and emotionally

The best gift of all: A very happy post about how glad I was to finally have my husband home for the holiday season, for good. This post also includes an original Christmas song for military wives!

[Guest post] On being a reconnecting dad: A post my husband wrote about how hard it has been to reconnect with my son after missing out on a year of his life

The difference once choice could have made {some final thoughts on six years in the Army}: This post was written shortly after we exited. I went back in time to the moment when we could have made the decision not to enlist, and what that would have looked like for us. 

Our Memorial Day Miracle: An AMAZING story of how we made contact with the family of the fallen soldier that our son is named after! 

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PCS Binder Printable

Guest posts on other military wife websites and blogs:

Along with writing about military life on my blog, I have contributed to the blogs of friends and other websites through a lot of guest posting. The following are some of those posts: 

The Yellow Ribbon Sisterhood

Dear Civilians: What Every Military Wife Wants You to Know (portions)

Dear Civilians: What You Need to Know About Military Homecomings and Reintegration

The Reintegration Puzzle: Putting the Pieces Back Together

Deployment Idea 6# – “Sweet Nothings, Sweet Memories” Countdown Calendar

ICE: Preparing for the Worst-Case Scenario During Deployment

Army Wife Says, Second Deployment R & R Presented Unique Challenges at Operation Faithful Support

Survival Sisters: Little Purple Wildflowers, anecdote in Chapter One of Sara Horn‘s book God Strong

Deployment Checklist for Military Spouses and Families, Military Deployment Binder, Military Printables, Deployment Countdown, Homecoming
Deployment Binder

Books for military wives:

Surviving Deployment (my personal favorite)

Life After Deployment

God Strong

Tour of Duty

Hope for the Homefront

Married to the Military

Faith Deployed

Faith Deployed…Again

Heroes at Home

I’m Already Home…Again

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Military Wife Edition

5 Love Languages Military Edition : The Secret to Love That Lasts

Sex After Service : A Guide for Military Service Members, Veterans, and the People Who Love Them

Stars Are Lined Up for Military Spouses : Federal Jobs for Military Spouses

Deployment Toolkit : Military Families and Solutions for a Successful Long-Distance Relationship

Marriage During Deployment : A Memoir of a Military Marriage

Journey Through DeploymentThis is a newly released e-book and the author is my dear friend, Kathryn. I have contributed portions to her book and will be reviewing it and giving away a free copy in an upcoming post.

Our Love is Deployment Strong Print, Digital Print, Modern Wall Art, Instant download, Digital Art, Home Decor, Printable Art, Military
Our Love is Deployment Strong Digital Print

My all-time favorite resources and websites for the military wife:

Christian Military Wives Fellowship

Behind the Blue Star Banner

Faith Deployed: Daily Encouragement for Military Wives

The Hub at PWOC

Sara Horn

Singing Through the Rain

The Military Wife and Mom

My “Military and Veteran Life” Pinterest Board

Other Resources

The Ultimate Military Discount Travel Guide (2017)

Fiscal Tiger: Financial Advice for Military Families

They also serve, those who stand and wait.
Praying by the phone to learn their loved one’s fate.
But they’re still in the war, let there be no mistake.
They also serve, those who stand and wait.
(They Also Serve by John Conlee)

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