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Update June 2009

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wow…amazingly original title…ha!

No I’m just tired and can’t think of anything better.

Russ has been home for almost 2 weeks now!! (If you haven’t already, make your way over to the HOMECOMING page for some more details and pictures.)

I’m just going to *attempt* to put the emotions of the last two weeks into a relatively short post.

The day of homecoming was really all I wanted and hoped for, if not more. Everything went as planned, no long waits or plane delays (thank you God for making it easy on us!). He got in in the evening, but wasn’t tired so we stayed up basically the whole night watching movies and just hanging out. It was rough at first for Russ to adjust to the time difference so there was a lot of waking up at strange hours to a wide awake husband who wanted to go have fun or watch movies or stuff. He’s now sleeping through the night! (lol!)

Overall, I think we are adjusting superbly! I have to say I’m ashamed that I haven’t thanked God more about it. I did all I could to prepare for the adjustments and prepare for difficulties, but God has really blessed us and we’ve had very few difficult situations in relation to our adjustment to each other. We are getting along I feel almost better than we ever had. This deployment really forced us to communicate with each other in a deeper way, and that is now carrying over into our every day life. This is helping our marriage immensely, and we are just really enjoying being close to each other emotionally.

Russ is going through what’s called REINTEGRATION which is a lot of briefings and other ummmm “Army stuff” like getting together medical records and leave forms and all that jazz. His days, barring a few exceptions, have been from 1-4 hours in length, and so we’ve had an amazing amount of time to cuddle and watch movies and go on amazing adventures! We are lovin the time together! I’ll be trying to post on here some pictures and videos of some of the fun things we have done very soon.

Overall, I feel like my life has reached an excitingly new settled feeling…for those of you who have known me for a while, you know that the last 4 years of my life have been full of difficulty and seeming non-ending stress. But I feel like I can finally breathe! Russ will be home for at least a year, and although we have an upcoming move so far I haven’t stressed too much about that. I feel like I can just relax and be a wife and enjoy my life!

Thanks for your prayers and by all means, continue on! We always need it!

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