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20 things I’ve learned while preparing to move

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When we returned from our official find-a-job-and-a-place-to-live trip to North Carolina, we realized that we had literally 10 days to prepare ourselves, our belongings, and our current residence to move. These 10 days have been a frenzy of cleaning, organizing, purging, and packing. And here’s some of the things that I have learned during this process.

1. Humor helps.


2. Office space can be combined with nursery space.

rooms changing

3. Turning the toddler bed into a “tent” makes room transitions easier:


4. Chocolate should be kept on hand:

emergency chocolate

5. You will run out of chocolate.

6. Humor helps:



7. You will run out of humor. Then you will turn to copious amounts of coffee:



8. You will make countless trips to Goodwill and become good friends with the Habitat for Humanity truck:

habitat for humanity

9. Kids are resilient:


10. When you are preparing to move during the week of Spring Break, all of your friends will be out of town and the CDC will be booked. You will realize that you actually can survive with a 2 1/2 year old underfoot. And you will crave lots of chocolate and drink lots of coffee to survive.

11. 2 1/2 year olds are more help than you might think:


12. The work goes faster when you work as a team:


13. Nursery space can become storage space:

storage space

14. Somewhere between moving rooms and countless trips to Goodwill, you will realize how much stuff you STILL have after getting rid of so much.

15. You will also realize that you have an addiction to plastic storage bins:

(there are about double this amount not pictured)

bin addiction

16. Smashing boxes is fun

smashing boxes

17. Some days you will start with great ambitions of getting work done:


18. Some days your morning appointments will take twice as long as they normally do, you don’t eat breakfast until 11am, you will have a mommy meltdown by 1pm, and your husband calls it quits for the day by 2PM. Instead of working, you will go out for ice cream and park time.

19. Chocolate fixes everything:


20. You will realize that breaks must be taken, and family time is important, even when you are moving:

family time 2

family time


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