1. Wow I can’t believe I never read this before… We never stopped celebrating Christmas, but my dad was always pointing out how pagan it all was, and then he and my mom would fight about it or something else every time we put up the Christmas tree so I have memories about that, but I still LOVE Christmas. I have actually been trying to write a post a little bit about this same topic: The Quest for the Perfect Christmas.

    • It was very very hard, because the family member in question would taunt us and say things like “you are celebrating MY pagan gods.” When we stopped celebrating all together, it was really really hard. We felt evil even going to church because they put a Christmas tree up in the foyer. It was a lot of conflicting emotions. I’m thankful that we were able to rise above it all and realize that God is bigger than all of that, and thankfully that family member no longer taunts us but simply celebrates with us nor does he bring his pagan things into our home. What he believes in his heart, well we aren’t really sure, but we aren’t going to let the devil win and have our joy taken from us.

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