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Pregnancy Update ~ 32 weeks!

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I just got back from my latest appointment and prenatal class at the hospital with my midwife, and I am even more excited about this baby!!

The baby is growing, and according to measurements of my tummy the baby is a week ahead of schedule…that doesn’t necessarily mean that the baby will come early, but it is an indicator that things are progressing as they should! The baby is also in the head-down position!

My baby will probably be big! While I was a teeny baby weighing under 6 pounds, my husband weighed over 10…and the midwife says that the birth weight tends to take after the father more than the mother. The mixture of my blood type and my husband’s increases the risk of jaundice…so just pray that we don’t have to deal with that too much once the baby is born.

With each class, I become more and more comfortable with the midwife who will, Lord willing, be delivering our baby. She is extremely supportive of a mother’s right to a low-intervention natural childbirth. This past week I finished typing up a short “birth plan” with our preferences for labor and delivery, and it appears that, if everything goes smoothly, all of our wishes will be honored.

My parents were down to visit this past weekend, and my mom and I spent quite a bit of time organizing the nursery. Washing and putting away baby clothes, taking gifts out of packages, putting toys in the toy bin, etc. It’s very exciting and makes everything feel a lot more real!

I’ve added some much-needed exercise back into my schedule by going to the pool twice a week with another friend of mine who is also expecting! It feels so good to be getting sunshine and exercise in the cool water, especially in this hot and humid summer we’ve been having!

I’ve still been experiencing quite a bit of rib pain, braxton hicks, swelling of the hands and feet, mild heartburn, immense fatigue, and trouble sleeping, but I feel like I’m handling it all a bit better. Getting closer to the end makes it a bit more bearable, and I’m resigned to a temporary partially miserable existence until the joy that comes when this baby is finally here! Each day I try to take it easy and rest a lot between spurts of housework to keep myself going!

At our next class, we will get to take a “tour” of the labor and delivery section of the hospital…most of which I’ve already seen. (Shhh don’t tell but I’ve snuck in there a time or two when I had a friend giving birth…lol) It will be nice for Russ to see it though!

So, just keep us all in  your prayers and soon enough the baby will be HERE!!!

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