1. It’s not easy…. this I remember. We need to be fountains of grace distributing one dixie cup at a time to a VERY thirsty world. I will pray that God will give you an opportunity to “pay and pray it forward” to the next woman you encounter. Bless you Sister.

  2. Aprille,

    Such a great post. I wish she could read it, too. I think many older people today place blanket judgments on younger parents, just assuming they are all lax in their parenting. Another gracious response would have been to acknowledge that maybe you NEEDED to treat story time as a babysitter, so you could catch a couple moments of sanity. I’ve been there, dear one. If we lived closer, I would so be willing to help you out in tangible ways.


  3. Oh wow… some beautiful words! And hurray for the successes! They deserve a party! I’m afraid that I’m so paranoid about the judgmental people that I am harder on my kids than I need to be! So thankful for those that see the good in our kids and encourage us!

  4. Oh yeah – it’s so much easier to be judgmental when you’re not right in the thick of it!! I’m sorry the woman was unkind/unsympathetic toward you. Parenting littles is not for the faint of heart, that’s for sure! I love the response of the store employees – sounds like they weren’t just being good at customer service, but truly had intention to see the beauty in your little boy. Love that.

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