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37 weeks!

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My baby is now “full-term”…which means I’m pretty much living in “any day now” mode.

I think that the last month of pregnancy is definitely the most difficult, especially in this heat! I try not to think about the time I have left and just try to focus on taking one day at a time. My baby has definitely dropped which is causing me some pretty intense pain in my pelvis…oh and as low as the baby is I still don’t have relief from acid reflux or kicks to the ribs!

Anyway, what’s getting me through?

1. Pampering myself. This can be anything really…my list includes taking 2 hour naps, getting a manicure AND a pedicure, watching movies, and hopefully soon getting my hair trimmed!

2. Satisfying my newest and most intense craving for sweet iced tea!! (Especially raspberry iced tea!) I wake up every morning with a feeling of “blehhh” towards my old lover (aka coffee) and wondering how quickly I can get to Tim Hortons to get some iced tea. (They are currently running an “any size for 99 cents” deal!) I’ve also discovered that Applebees pretty much has the best raspberry iced tea I’ve ever tasted and that Bearclaw’s iced tea really ain’t that hot. I have no idea where this craving came from, but it looks like it’s here to stay!

3. Listening to this song on the radio. While it is much more about emotional pain and the storms of life, when I’m in physical pain it is a reminder of “the joy that’s comin” when my baby is finally here and this pregnancy is all over!

4. My husband’s love! I cannot express how much how good he is to me, how well he takes care of me and puts up with my sometimes cranky pregnant self. He’s gone with me to almost every appointment, bought things for me and for the baby, and driven across town to satisfy my cravings….He’s just amazing!


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