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40 week update and pictures!

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Well, it seems that Squirt has decided to surprise everyone and stay in mommy’s tummy a bit longer! We really thought we would have our baby by now, but I guess Squirt wants to be a September baby.

Baby is growing steadily and doing just fine…Daddy and Mommy are a bit on the ansy side! I’ve been getting bigger and more uncomfortable every day, and I’m very ready to be done with this pregnancy and be on to being a mother. I’ve been having weekly checkups and physically there is a lot of indications that this baby will be born VERY soon, but we keep saying that, and still baby hasn’t come. Based on all of the contractions I have been having over the last few weeks and how close I am to my due date, we decided to have my mom come down before I went into labor so that she is closer and won’t miss anything. She’s been a HUGE help for the last few days, doing all of the cooking and cleaning and cooking a few meals that are now in the freezer for the days and weeks after delivery.

So, as of tomorrow I’ll be 40 weeks and have reached my “due date.” We celebrated by doing a little photoshoot to test out my mom’s new camera.

When we arrived, we made a new friend! There was a duck all by himself at the water so we just decided to talk to him a bit and he started to come towards us. Russ coaxed him out of the water and he actually let us pet him. Then he followed us around for a while. After taking a few pictures we came back and he was right there waiting for us to pet him again! We nicknamed him Fred the Duck.





Now for all the cute and traditional maternity pictures:





IMG_0059 sepiablog









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