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I ran out of milk sometime last week.

Well, actually, I didn’t run out…it expired, and I didn’t have any left to replace it.

Thus begins the madness that is also known as “the last 5 days of my life.”

I shall begin with Thursday morning’s status update:

FRG calls – almost done. Photos ordered- check. Now to shower, run to Walgreens for photos, come back, finish setting up Russell’s computer, decorate the box, then run back out to the post office! Oh and I need to go by the MWR office! And today was a “day off”… lol

I should have known that that was a bad way to start off the day!

Setting up my husband’s Netbook turned out to be a bit more of a hassle than I expected. I had already loaded most of the programs onto the computer, but I wanted to transfer around 20-30 video files over to the Netbook. (Just short home clips of all the neat little things Ezra has been doing lately. Russ has been unable to get videos to load over the internet over there, so I figured just putting them on the computer would give him the ability to watch them!) I figured this would just take a few minutes as I had an external 80gig hard drive! An hour (and loads of frustration) later, I realized that it wasn’t going to work. My external hard drive was externalized from a Macbook…and the Netbook is a PC. What I learned from this experience? Transferring video files with a 512MB flash drive takes a looooooong time! By the time I finished all of the Netbook stuff and finished a secret anniversary project for my husband (and cleaned up the Chex Mix that Ezra dumped all over the couch!), it was well past the post office closing time.

Friday morning, I tried once again to get some errands done, but I got a late start and didn’t end up leaving the house until almost noon. By 1:30 I had gone to the Library, ITR office, thrift store, post office, and clothing sales. I was tired so came back to the house and worked on laundry and housework, trying to forget that I was still out of milk and needed to go to the store!

Friday evening, I had planned to eat a healthy dinner of chicken, vegetables, and rice, but when I went to cook the meat, I realized I had accidentally defrosted pork chops. But, I was craving the chicken and already had the celery and onions sauteing, so put the pork in the fridge and got out some chicken anyway! I decided that, after the long 2 days I had had, I deserved a break so tried to watch some of the movies I had gotten at the library! Unfortunately, the first two were inappropriate and I had to stop watching, and the third was a damaged disc! I gave up!

Saturday morning, I woke up with the intention of making sloppy joes for our FRG potluck and having a nice day, when Ezra threw up all over the bed. Then an hour later he threw up all over the walker. Lots of mucousy spit-up. YAY…not. He seemed fine and was laughing and giggling, so I decided to watch him a little bit to see if he would improve. He seemed fine so I continued on with my plans…but then I realized, ugh it’s Saturday! If I go to the store for buns it will be crowded. I also decided that I didn’t want to deal with trying to carry a crockpot AND a baby, especially if I needed to leave the potluck early if Ezra wasn’t feeling well. So I looked in my cupboards and fridge, and decided that I could make deviled eggs and brownies (yes, in separate dishes). Super easy, could take them on paper plates and not have to think twice about it!

So, the eggs were bubbling away, brownies in the oven…I was multitasking by talking on the phone with my grandmother while changing Ezra’s diaper, which happened to be poopy of course, when it occurred to me that I didn’t have mayonnaise for the eggs. At the same time, the doorbell rang. I told my grandma to “hold on,” strapped Ezra to the table, and went to get the door. It was my neighbor, telling me that my tire was flat! My grandma was still talking, saying “ask them for mayonnaise!” Thankfully, my neighbor had both a tire pump to temporarily fix my tire, as well as mayonnaise! Phew! I don’t have to brave the grocery store after all!

I returned to the changing table to realize that I had forgotten to cover Ezra…now he was not only covered in poop, but he had pee all over him! I took care of that mess, and realized “oh no! the brownies!” Thankfully, they weren’t burnt, but I couldn’t use the outside inch. I finished the eggs and cut up the brownies, only to discover I was out of paper plates so had to use my own dishes anyway!

I moved my car with the messed up tire and parked it in the grass, transferred the carseat to Russell’s car, which I planned to drive for the weekend until I could talk to Russ and ask him what he wanted me to do about the tire on my car.

I made it to the potluck only 10 minutes late and slightly disheveled! I had a very fun evening and was feeling great in spite of the day! But that evening Ezra threw up again (this time all over the couch, my shirt, and the blanket), and started running a high fever. We were up a lot during the night, and I decided to stay home from church the next day. We pretty much lounged around…I worked on blogging, photos, and a little bit of laundry and just cuddling with the baby while watching TV.

Sunday night we only slept for about 5 hours, scattered here and there between bouts of Ezra crying or just being wide awake. At 1AM, Ezra got diarrhea and messed all over his bassinet, his outfit, the sheets, etc. I knew something was wrong so called and got him a doctors appointment for this morning. The doctor revealed that Ezra has a double ear infection. By the time we got done at the doctors and the pharmacy and got back to home, it was lunch time. But I had to be back on post for counselling appointment at 2:30. (I see a professional therapist on a regular basis. You can see by this post that I’m half-insane most of the time anyway!) So we didn’t have a lot of time to rest. (Ezra took a short snooze, but that was about it.) I planned to go to my appointment, and then run to the store for milk afterwards. Yes, I was STILL out.

I still hadn’t heard from Russ at all, so I was still driving his car to and from my appointments. When I came out of my counselling appointment, from across the parking lot I saw the car lights on… you see, MY car is an awesome car that dings at you when you leave the lights on! Russell’s car is old and stinky and doesn’t have a dinger for forgetful people like me!

I was stranded with a sick and hungry baby and a dead battery…but not to worry! I have milk-on-tap and I’m one of those PREPARED Army wives who has the roadside assistance number in her phone! GO ME! I called and they said it would be a 40 minute wait. I returned to the building to nurse Ezra and warm myself up (it was cold and rainy). My friend Carrie offered to bring me a snack and wait with me, which was super nice of her! I had just climbed into her car to eat my granola bar when roadside assistance pulled up! I fumbled for my keys and sat in the seat to show the guy how my car won’t start…turn the key and VOILA! It worked! Wow…epic fail!

So now I have two cars with potential stranding capabilities, a sick baby who is on his 3rd outfit for the day and has buggers in his hair, and still no milk…

By this time, I choose to laugh rather than cry. I had a dinner of drive thru McDonalds, where I made sure to ask for 2 cartons of milk!!!

At least I can eat a bowl of cereal tomorrow morning…maybe I’ll try to make it to the grocery store!

Okay deployment gremlins! You can leave me alone now!

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