1. tovemaren

    There is so much beauty and love in your frustration and observations! I pray his new program is the answer to all your prayers! Stay strong – or blog…

  2. Anon

    Hugs Aprille! I usually hate cliches, but this post made me think, it is always darkest before the dawn. So I’m praying this is your “darkest” moment! Getting support is spot.on. advice, we will not last long parenting these kids without support. You are doing a great job, and I strongly believe you WILL find some answers, you WILL figure out things that work, and Ezra WILL improve, starting SOON. Hang in there hon!

  3. Jolene Underwood (@Faith_Eyes)

    Aprille – Thank you for your honesty with what you are dealing with. When we fostered we had 5-8 foster children in addition to our own and we dealt with a lot of behavioral issues which I found most people wouldn’t understand. I get, at least to some degree, how hard it can be to find someone to help when your own child is hard to deal with. This was the case for us even before fostering with one of ours,when it wasn’t to the extreme you are dealing with. But several of our foster children were.

    My prayers are with you today as the Lord knows all details of your needs including how to strengthen you, how to speak into the hearts of others who can wrap arms around you to help, and how He will be your constant source of comfort.

    You may feel isolated in your situation, but you are not alone! At times that didn’t bring me the greatest comfort, because I wanted a physical person who know what to do, how to do it and would just do it. However, this has come to provide more comfort to me as He continues to speak to my heart. Through the hardest times I found out how desperately I needed Him and He was the ONLY one I could truly count on. That became beauty for me.

    May His word bring life to you today. May your praises in all those beautiful things push away the doubts and fears and other feelings. He rejoices over you Aprille! Blessings to you today as you mother this child to the best of your abilities, and with the strength and wisdom only God can give. May you continue to find glimpses of His beauty in all things. You are a beautiful mom!

    • Jolene…thank you so much for your sweet words of encouragement. This week feels a lot more manageable and I’ve gotten some extra sleep and relief! Just a few more days!

  4. letwhylead

    Girl, you are going through some HARD stuff, and you still found so much beauty in all of it. Beautiful post!

    You’re gonna make it!

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