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10 things I forgot about fall

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Fall…it happens once a year. But every year I get taken by surprise. Here’s all the stuff I forgot from last year:

1. How freaky temps can be here in Kentucky. This morning, it’s 40. Wednesday, it might hit 80.

2. How incredibly hard it is to dress appropriately in said freaky weather. Like yesterday…when I thought it wouldn’t be too bad to go out in low-50 degree weather in a long-sleeved shirt and a thin hoodie…and I froze.

3. How awesome hoodies feel.

4. How quickly all of my socks get dirty and I have to wash my whites twice as often. (Maybe I should just buy more socks?)

5. How stinkin hard it is to get out of bed at 7:20…especially in the weeks between September 21st and “Fall Back”…cuz it just keeps getting darker and darker…and colder and colder.

6. How expensive my electric bill can get…oh wait, I didn’t really forget about that. It looms over my head all summer long, every time I get a cheap bill I hear the voices laughing at me: JUST YOU WAIT UNTIL YOU START RUNNING YOUR HEAT! MUWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

7. How much colder 68 degrees (our heat setting) is than 71 degrees (our AC setting). This morning I cheated compromised and set it at 70 cuz I was freezing. I’ll pay for it later.

8. How quickly the trees go from green to brilliant to bare. I think this process goes more quickly every year.

9. How comforting it is to take a freezing-my-butt-off walk down a trail, in the crunchy leaves, in a hoodie…with my kid, in a hoodie.

10. How much more capacity I have to love coffee…cuz how much I love coffee in summer doesn’t even compare to how much I love coffee in the fall.

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