1. Aprille, this was too cute and totally relatable. I have two new bosses and they go by the names of Emma and Lily and hell hath no fury like these tow bosses, but then again I love them so. Seriously loved this and you explained a stay at home mom perfectly 🙂 🙂

  2. Steve

    Your boss must be about the same age as my boss…she is currently in the bathtub with the other household employee (aka my wife), screeching and screaming. I assume it is tooth brushing time, because nothing else brings out her bad side quite so much as that. As for the Thomas song AND the Barney song AND the Leapfrog letter song…meh. I can quote a dozen Disney movies by heart! Granted I had a headstart when my other boys were toddlers (some 14 years ago), but I still feel it is quite an accomplishment. Enjoy these years because oh too soon he will be a teenager and then the only job you will be required to perform is to transport him from place to place. And fill his pockets with money…because as we all know, money is created by the ATM when we place our magical cards in the slot.

  3. I can relate:) I have a total of four bosses…one just moved out! That would be the 24 year old girl but she still drops in frequently to boss me around! Lol. So cute…enjoy it while you can:)

  4. This post was hilarious, Aprille! I’m going to try and enjoy this naive, newlywed phase for as long as it lasts! 🙂 You always do such a good job of portraying your family and its dynamic. Great post!

    • Cari–I absolutely love reading your blog for much of these reasons. I wasn’t that good of a blogger in the newlywed phase, and my husband and I spent a year apart. But I relate to SO MUCH of what you write. I keep thinking “he he! that sounds just like me and Russ.” Then I have the “oh just you wait sister” moments.

      But, as a newlywed I used to HATE it when people were all doom and gloom and “enjoy it while it lasts” and “oh you won’t be honeymooners forever” and “just wait til the kids come.” It would just irk me to no end! So I try not to be that kind of person to the newlyweds that I know. Because the newlywed phase is SUCH a special phase IMO. Yes, you are kinda clueless about life with kids. People can tell you “oh your life will change drastically once you have kids” til they are blue in the face, but until you experience it, you just can’t quite get it. And that’s not a criticism. It’s just life. So please, by all means…enjoy your naivety. Enjoy this time. Treasure it. Hug your husband a million times. Sleep in. Stay up late. Make love. Have lunch dates. Then do it all over again.

      Because as a woman who “lost” a whole year of the newlywed phase due to deployment…it’s something you will never get back. And that’s okay. It’s not some world-ending travesty. Life has phases and that’s okay. I feel like I’m just rambling now and not sure what the point of what I’m saying is. But no…not doom and gloom. But yes…ENJOY IT WHILE IT LASTS!

  5. This was a beautiful post!!! Absolutely loved it. The Boss here has been sick. Let’s just say there has been a large amount of cuddle time, kisses and cuddling. Sadly though, I think he gave me a bonus… now I am starting to get sick!

  6. Love this post. We’ve started calling my 2-year-old Master or King because he can be so demanding. A few days ago he asked for bread so I gave him a slice. No. He wanted my homemade bread. So yesterday I got around to making bread. I gave him a slice – still not good enough. I needed to “warm it up.” He wanted it hot out of the oven! We are definitely not in control anymore!

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