1. Emily

    My husband would LOVE me to make French onion soup, he’s crazy about it! Guess I’ll put this on the meal plan for next week! Where do you get your beef bones from?

    • I actually got some at Whole Food and they were a pack of two huge bones for like $2-3! I make my broth in the crockpot with the bones, onion, carrot, and ACV to pull the good stuff out of the bones, cook on low for like 48 hours. Easy peasy other than the time factor! (and the fact that my freezer isn’t big enough to house it all so I don’t make it all that often!)

  2. Emily

    I’m making your soup tonight for an accidental dinner party. This is the most simple soup recipe ever, and the most delicious! Serving it in bread bowls too, yum!

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