1. tonyasalomons

    Girl!!! I love this!!! Open your eyes find the red… Oh you have just challenged me girl… I am looking for all things red tomorrow and I’m gonna take pictures and tag you in all of them… LOVE it!

    • Aww that means the world! So glad to have inspired someone with this shoddy piece of work! lol I will do the same! We all should! Keep the Five Minute Friday RED LOVE GOING!

  2. What a call! Not just to find the red things, but to open up my eyes and take in the beauty of what is around me. These things are His gifts. It is so good to remember and see His giving in each thing.

  3. heartsonguard

    This is awesome! You should join us every week — and give yourself more credit, silly. You did a great job working under the pressure the rest of us late-nighters do 😉 This is a great call to open our eyes and really see the world around us. Hugs!!!

    • It was definitely fun and I keep reminding myself that EVERY time I write it is practice, progress, and becoming a better writer. No “crappy” post is a waste of time because it’s honing skills! 🙂

      And there is no way I’m joining up every week. That makes me tired just thinking about it! lol And I think Russ missed me. 🙂

    • It was definitely fun but I think I have a #fmfparty hangover. I went to bed at 1130 and got to “sleep in” until about 0620. And I had bad dreams about Allume. lol

  4. Hi Aprille,
    I was so happy to see your name for FMF as I laughed at the Youtube video you shared with your comment at my guest post for Deidra…anyway, Thank you 🙂 And another funny thing, I thought of that song from Les Miserable also but all I could remember was “Red the color of….[insert blank]” so I went w/ my next thought for my post.

    Nice to meet you 🙂

  5. I love red as well. It’s all over my house but yeah, sometimes we forget to see when we aren’t reminded to really look. Is this your first five minute Friday? If so, welcome! And I love what you offered with your 5 minutes. I missed party tonight because I’m on the West Coast so it’s hard to twitter party with kids needing dinner… but I’m glad you joined in. I’ll see you at Allume, right? I recognize you from the Allume newbies group. Welcome to yet another wonderful community, Aprille.

  6. It’s nice to “meet” you on this FMF! Beutiful post. This grabbed me —>”Do I notice color at all? In this world of technology? Or am I blind to the beauty of it?” I think because there are days I wonder what all I’m missing as I stare at this computer screen either working or writing. I need to remind myself to get up and find the red around me. I do love the red in my home…I have a little red, white and blue theme going.
    Wishing you a beautiful weekend!

  7. I have noticed that i have certain colors that seem to theme throughout my life and not always consciously…we do need to slow down and simply look around us. We may be missing out on something noteable simply because we aren’t looking.

  8. Love how you were honest that you didn’t feel this to be one of your better posts, not that I would know as it is my first visit. 🙂 I like how you remind us to stop and notice life. Nice talking with you.

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