1. I so get this, girl. The sudden feeling of being a little exposed when a real life friend reads my blog. But I also really, deeply WANT my real life friends to do that. A lot of them do, and a lot of others don’t. It’s not a bad thing when they don’t– I just find that it’s a lot easier for me to get my true heart “out” via writing than in a spontaneous conversation. Anyway… I’m officially rambling now. Just wanted to say– I like this post a bunch. I shared it. And I like your heart a bunch too. xoxo

    • I’ve had real life friend read my blog before, but something about it being the people I go to church with…it’s more intimidating somehow! I think some of my past hurts by people at other churches make me want to run and hide…but so far everyone at our new church is kind and welcoming. I just have to remember that!

  2. I’ve had my PASTOR tell me he reads my blog. Now that’s enough to freak a girl out! I am so much more raw on my blog than I can ever be in passing on a Sunday morning. So yeah, I get it!

  3. Katie (@AGracefulGirl)

    I’m finally writing raw, and I’m in the struggle between wanting to be known and fearing being found out. How can we want both??? Yet we do!

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