Allume 2013,  Five Minute Fridays

Together {Five Minute Friday – LIVE from #Allume!}

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Here we are. It’s Thursday night and Lisa Jo Baker is standing here about 5 feet from me and we are at the Live Five Minute Friday at Allume. And I’m going to attempt to write this on my (borrowed) iPad which I haven’t had much practice typing on.

And she chose a word I submitted. together

Here we are. Together.

Friendly faces at every turn. Stories. Hugs.

I’m so glad to be here. Among women who have touched my life. Some through life changing books. Some through just a blog post. Some through nothing more than a tweet, or the question “why did you come to Allume?” that opened up a conversation. A dialogue. Encouragement.

Together we shine as lights, as the word Allume means. Light. The light of Jesus. Together our lights combine to shine into a dark world. We shine change and hope and encouragement. We shine love. We shine grace. We shine Jesus.

We need each other. Every single light contributes to the greater light. Jesus shines through our words, our posts, our tweets, and our lives.

We are Allume. Together.


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