1. I’d add a few:

    Beware of people (especially women) who come to you looking for pity and sympathy. Especially when they drop in that they’re separated from their husband. It’s the cheaters calling card.

    Beware of people who put down others of the same sex and position. They think they’re competing.

    Beware of people who throw a sulk if you don’t reply immediately. They are testing if they can get personal.

  2. openheartconfessions

    I had an emotional affair at work and this in no way communicates my experience. This seems like it is written by someone who has in fact NOT had an affair, but imagines what might lead to one. Ditto for what Nephila wrote, this communicates her own insecurities, as opposed to reality

  3. This is a great post and reminder! Coming from a girl who knows how quickly things can get weird at work, the no touchie thing is hugely important for both men and women! Protect your marriage and your heart! Constant vigilance!

  4. This is awful and speaks to the lack of responsibility men feel to control themselves around women. Which is why women are shunned for being too revealing, for not smiling enough, for being to modest, for being “too nice” and not getting the promotion.

  5. Hilary

    I am shocked at how positive the comments are coming from women.

    All I’m going to say is rape culture.
    And yes, point number one especially goes hand in hand with that.
    For anyone who doesn’t see that.
    I’m not surprised… hence why it exists in the first place.

    How about this: I’ll wear what I want, and instead of focusing on how distracting I am you focus on why it is you think that every part of my body is sexual and that I’m showing it off for you.

    Also: I’ll be as nice as I want. Sorry if my personality leads you to believe I want to get into your pants. I’m pretty sure that’s your character flaw not mine.

    Here’s my advice for not getting into an affair at work: it takes two to be involved in an affair. Go to work, do your job, and don’t make yourself available to others regardless if they like to dress like a kardashian heading to a lingerie themed sleepover or mother Theresa in a meeting with a pope.

    My note to the author. Your mansplaining is showing. Better fix that.

  6. Jack

    Wow. I don’t even know where to start with this article. I know I’m late to the punch here but should any man read this… You are are responsible for your own behavior. Period. You can’t focus on your job because Deborah from accountings shoulders are showing? You think a woman being nice or giving you a tap on the arm or heaven forbid a hug is an invitation for you to touch her more? This isn’t an article about how to not have an affair at work, this is a screaming example of what’s wrong with many men and the crap women have to put up with in the working environment. I suggest you quit focusing so much on other woman’s attire and perceived suggestions that they have anything to do with you and seriously evaluate yourself. Perhaps seek perfessional help while you are at it too.

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