1. This is the most genius idea ever…..I often travel for work and have always worried about how that might be hard someday when I have kids. I will def. be filing this idea away fro future use on those trips……

    • Awesome!!! It really does help to stay connected. Our son got to see pictures of Cow on Facebook while we were gone and then he saw the rest when we got back. It was a blast!

  2. We did a Flat Stanley project for my niece one year and took a picture of her with us all over NYC. It was so incredibly fun!
    Your husband IS a genius. 🙂 Love it!!

  3. Angela Perry

    I was one of the waitresses of which you speak from Magnolias. I have to tell you what a fun night you made for me! The love you two have for each other, and for your son, oozes from you…lol. I was also intrigued to go home and look up the military retreat you stayed at…what an incredible place that is, I had no idea it even existed. I was also happy to see that you took my recommendation and went to Harpers Ferry…I hope it was a blessing to you, it’s such a beautiful place. It was really great meeting you two, you will stay on my mind for a long time to come….

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