1. Rachel

    Thank you for your post! I don’t know if you remember me,but I was a little girl when I knew you…. now I’m graduating. (btw, I adored your purple eyeshadow, it’s what I remember the most about you!!) I’ve read most of your blog recently, but as I soon will be graduating, in pretty much the same way you have, this post really hit close to home ☺️ Though I’d say I’m already closer to who you are now (we’ve always been the odd ones out!). Ive realized that love is greater than anything or any standard. That’s what is going to count for eternity, and I don’t have that, I am nothing. I already wear short skirts and high heels, and listen to wayyy to much alternate and pop and country, Ive had a guy give me his number while singing me “call me maybe” and I dance with my little brothers every night, thanking God for life and living. Sometimes it takes almost loosing it all to see what will last in eternity. But anyways…
    I’m going to a secular university, far from home (here I come, Music City USA!!!

    • Aw Rachel – first of all – yes, of course I remember you. I saw you follow on G+ a while back and you are on my heart and mind a lot because I know you know so much of what it’s like. I think of you and all of the other kids that are coming out from that place and just hope and pray that they can find healing for it all. Your comment made me smile and did my heart good to know that you are thinking for yourself and, afraid, yes, – but brave enough to make the decisions (and mistakes) that you need to to grow as a person. I just love that.

      I love that You are God song – one of my favorites Seriously!! I keep listening to in it hopes that it will sink deeper into my soul! So glad to know that it’s one of your favorites too. From now on, every time it comes on the radio I will think of and pray for you.

      PS. I love Call Me Maybe.

      PSS. I should do a post on Mom’s Night Out – maybe I will. For now, check out the review I posted on G+ that my husband wrote.

  2. You have a way with words, my friend: “During your graduation ceremony you’ll sing words about your God and His plans for you and how you are going to exalt Him. And while the words will never cease to be true, you’ll never bring yourself to sing them again because they come from a black and white view of a world and a God that you now see in color.” Beautiful perspective!

  3. Wow. This honesty. This true faith borne from pain and infused with grace right in the middle of your broken…yes, friend, this is Jesus. So proud of you for seeking to make much of Jesus. Bless you, Aprille.

  4. Beth Anne

    It’s crazy how much things change in 9 years. My 10 year high school reunion is this year and I have no desire to even go but to just look back and think of what I thought would have happenned in the 10 years and what actually did and didn’t is crazy. I really enjoyed this post….I might write a similar one 🙂

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