1. Jill

    The road is so long yet the kids grow up so fast. I pushed my eldest a lot to be independent and helped a lot for the third child. And in flash, they are already grown up.

  2. Kris K

    I still lay with each of my girls every night (10 and 8) and pray then sing 4 songs while cuddling with them. The youngest always falls asleep during this time. I figure sooner than later this time of cuddling/singing will be gone. I’ll take our quiet time in our busy days to just be present with them as long as they let me. It takes so much less time to do this than to fight about them going to bed.

  3. Leeann

    Just want you to know that you have support, whether vocal or quiet, from your readers.
    I’ve got three kids, who are now not so much kids, at least not all of them. 19, 15 and 12. I thought my 12 year old would about do me in. Impulsive, overactive, sensory seeking – all of it. The good news is that it does get better. It really does. He’s the most amazing kid now- a deep thinker and just loves his family so strongly. But believe me, there were long years when I could do was repeat “this too will pass” over and over to myself. And it did.

    Oh and PS- maybe you can get him a weighted blanket or a weighted vest for Christmas. I find that the weight of the x-ray vest at the dentist almost instantly calms me and nearly puts me to sleep and my daughter says the same thing. It might help to soothe him at night.

    • Thank you so much for your support and encouragement. I believe so strongly that God has really amazing plans for him…it’s just the mean time that’s really hard! I’ve heard great things about weighted blankets so I’ll have to look into that.

  4. Kem

    I was just having a wee wander around your blog and forgive me for asking, but have you ever taken Ezra to a cranial-sacral Osteopath? I know of a few older toddlers who have really benefitted from adjustment so just wanted to throw it out there!

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