1. […] Introduction: some self-observations about legalism Part 1: what is “legalism”? Part 2: standing under the broken heart Part 3: hiding in shame, packing up my dreams Part 4: when you “trust and obey” but your heart still gets broken Part 5: when you’ve been hurt by legalism, hold onto faith Part 6: What do Brad Pitt, Josh Groban, and Sleepless in Seattle have in common? Part 7: perfection is not possible Part 8: finding healing and freedom in secular music Part 9: “I will keep believing that God still has a plan” Part 10: Plan A, 2.0 […]

  2. Marie

    I can relate. I’ve told God before the idea being “God I don’t know how to be a christian.” I am learning how to get out of my box…. 😛 It’s scary sometimes. I’m learning how to walk more on my own…. I’m 31 single and want to make my own decisions. Be able to hear God’s voice for myself! I struggle with that.

  3. Susannah Faulk

    so, i’m trying to catch up on all your blogging that i’ve been missing out on:) i loved reading this because I feel like I viewed our college pretty much the same exact way, but I could never put my thoughts into words. I’m glad that you did that for me here. Also, in reading this, I am so grateful that God allowed us to grow close over that year. It was so refreshing to talk to someone who didn’t agree with all the legalism and could be themselves in that environment. I will be forever grateful for our friendship and I’m glad we have reconnected. And thank you for buying me a new hair clip after breaking mine:)

    • Is it horrible that I don’t remember the hair clip? But I definitely remember the instrumental role that you had in my life – and I don’t think I ever listen to You Are Loved without thinking about you since you were the one who snuck it to me. Good times! 🙂

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