1. Amber

    Oh, how we all fail. Each and everyday. The saving grace is that we are trying everything to make it, do it right. God sees the intentions of our hearts not the results of our actions. He sees that we are trying. May He whisper to your little’s heart the words you are trying to express to him.

  2. Thankfully you are not alone, we all fail at holding it together. But Praise God, the one Who Holds the moon and the stars in place never fails to hold us up too! #FMF

  3. Oh how hard it is to be mother sometimes! Hang in there, Mama and remember the Father always holds us in His hands (even when we’re the ones kicking and screaming and spitting in His face!)

  4. We’re only humans. Don’t be too hard on yourself. But, who am I to say, I don’t have my own little tyrant yet. I think though, being honest about your feelings here and trying your best though failing shows how great your love is.

  5. Michele Hellmann

    I saw your post before I saw the details of the challenge. at the time, my instinct was that you didnt fail it. you said the words. the challenge doesn’t require any specific response from the child. Now that I know the premise of the challenge, I still say you succeeded at the I love you challenge!

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