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What I learned in March 2015

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Linking up today with Emily Freeman, sharing all of the random things I learned in March.

1. The best TV romances are the ones you don’t see coming…especially between your two Grey’s Anatomy / Private Practice favorite characters of all time. This needed to happen. And I’m so glad it did.

owen amelia

2. The Grey’s Anatomy cast needs to sing more. This music can keep me company all day long, on repeat.

3. Apparently, the best way to eat salami is by sticking the whole thing in your mouth, all at once.

the best way to eat salami

4. And the best way to eat cereal is by mixing Cheerios and Rice Krispies together. Who knew?

frankenstein cereal

5. Romance isn’t dead. And even the geekiest and goofiest guys can still pull tricks from up their sleeves.

romance isn't dead

6. If your husband tells you that HE will pick up the ingredients you need for frosting for your anniversary cake, don’t argue with him. Also, don’t decide you are going to do it anyway to make things easier for him, even though it means dragging your uncompliant 4-year-old to TWO different stores because the first one was out of whipping cream. Just don’t. Not that I would know or anything…but walking in to cake on the table will make you regret the grocery store trips for nothing.

7. If your son is constantly using the line, “But Spiderman (Superman, Batman, whoever) NEVER goes to bed!” to get out of going to bed, tell him that you met Spiderman’s mom and she confirmed that Spiderman needs a lot of extra sleep. Not only will it diffuse the argument, you will earn super “cool mom” points for getting to meet Spiderman’s mom – so much so that your son might brag to Daddy about how “My mom met Spiderman’s mom!”

8. I’m pretty sure there’s a Minion Meme for every thought I have ever had. In my life. Ever.

9. It is possible to open up your home at the last minute to friends from out of state. It’s even better when you’ve realized that they have changed, and so have you guys, but for the better. And it makes getting together that much sweeter.

Also, there are no words for this bromance.

(Also, this is my web guy. He’s pretty much amazing.)

web guy

10. A young Bruce Willis looks enough like Kiefer Sutherland to confuse me (at first). Then I just felt really silly. But can anyone else see this? Please tell me I’m not crazy.

willis sutherland

11. Also, I learned this:

Screen shot 2015-03-31 at 10.29.26 AM

12. Either I’m a really lazy girl, or these t-shirts just really suit my personality. I think I need them all.

13. Never let your kid play with packing peanuts on carpet. Also, vacuums and packing peanuts don’t mix well.

14. I’m not a Facebook addict anymore, and I consider that huge progress.

15. Russell’s Monster addiction is back. #thestruggleisrealmonster addict

16. Amazing things can happen when you move beyond a diagnosis and start believing your child is capable.

17. When you have anxiety about something, sometimes, you just need a plan. With all of these transitions coming, our QP recommended a visual calendar for Ezra. I made one for the next few weeks, and it’s been so successful I decided to make one for the next five months.

visual calendar

visual calendar 2

18. Apparently, you can get a “short” (read: teeny-tiny) drink at Starbucks, which means less money, less sugar, and less caffeine – but still satisfy your cravings. Also, there is at least one Starbucks coffee dude in the world who actually LOOKS at credit cards and IDs and then is thoughtful enough to match the name on the cup to the name on the card. Seriously. I think this is the first time my name has ever been spelled right on a Starbucks mug. (And no, I’m not “that girl” who tells random Starbucks people her name is “Aprille…with two lls and an e.” #itreallyisthelittlethings

short at starbucks

So there’s all the fun and random things I’ve learned in March. What about you? What are YOU learning?

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