1. Heather McCool

    Thanks for this aprille! Last year it looked like wed have no gifts so i told god how i just wanted some presents, even though i woukd get a few from extended family. And then the christian motorcycle club adopted us and filled our house with gifts and food and goodies and oh man was it humbling. So this year, another year of no gifts (but a million for the kids from extended family) its hard, but im not challenging god on that again. 🙂
    I love this, I had never put that together in such vividness that they were traveling to be taxed.

    • I hadn’t put it together either. I had always thought it was more like a census than a tax. But – the text says that they were going to be taxed! So I’m not sure how it all played out, but it definitely put a different perspective on things for me!

  2. That is very similar to what my sister and I were talking about today. So very similar.
    I loved the new insight. Everyone always speaks on the census, but not the “taxed” part.
    Thank you!

  3. Lori Harris

    I LOVE this post Aprille. And I’m learning to take comfort in having less, but it is not easy. It’s rather heart wrenching. Thank you for sharing your humility here.

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