1. Amanda H

    Wow. Wonderful links this week! The one on Christian parenting struck a chord. I’ll be honest in saying that my family is not Christian, per se, but we respect the teachings of many philosophies and religions. My child even attends a Christian daycare. I loved the statement that our “children are not projects”. It’s true. They are individuals with individual needs and whatever we do as parents to meet them should not be judged or criticized but praised…because we love our children that much. Thanks, Aprille!

  2. Amanda H

    Also (as a tangent regarding the other article you linked to), I have worked with individuals with autism nearly my entire career ( currently as a behavior consultant) and I am also a mental health therapist certified in EMDR,CBT to treat trauma, anxiety, and depressive symptoms (my past life). Pretty much, you were speaking my language this week. The stories of individuals and their strength never cease to amaze me.

    • You sound like an amazing person. My husband and I both found EMDR and CBT to be incredibly helpful. I’m so glad there are people like you in this world to help people like us.

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