1. Amanda H

    I never understood why people feel the need to comment about a woman’s pregnant belly. I mean, it’s nothing adults haven’t seen before…or so I assume. When I was pregnant, I was told by a stranger, “You don’t have any water and will probably have a dry birth. It’s painful but doable”. I had to Google that one.

  2. I’m glad I linked up next to you at Emily’s!

    My 8-year-old girl has really gotten into sleeping in this summer. My 5-year-old boy has no idea how to make that happen and, really, I don’t think he wants to. 🙂 And speaking of kids, we’re in the process of adopting and people say the dumbest things to me too.

    Happy weekend!

  3. Thanks for sharing your journey. I like how you don’t give up but keep trying to figure out what works for your family. Amen to people saying no TV but not ideas on how to watch less. I have teenagers where we have seasons of too much TV and then seasons of hardly none. I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well.

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