1. Colleen

    That was so beautiful. It sounds like everyone gave you the chance for a VBAC and it worked. Not that you were able to avoid a c-section but that you were able to remain in control the whole time! And it sound like the operation went a lot better too.

    • Yes! I was concerned that a 2nd cesarean would take longer because of scar tissue or whatever, but it actually was over quicker than the first! I was so shocked! Everyone gave me a very decent chance and I gave it my all, and that was all that matters.

  2. SO happy for you! I am a long-time reader of your blog, and am just so excited both that your little son is here, and that your birth experience was so healing. I can imagine how vindicating it was to realize you didn’t “mess up” the first time around. I’m so glad you were able to feel in control of your birth this time, and amazed at how hard you tried to do a VBAC. You are a courageous woman, for sure!

    • Thank you, Joanna. Yes, it was very vindicating. So many “but what if I had…” questions I had about Ezra’s birth. This time, I did all of those things and the outcome was very much the same as far as these big babies unable to descend! But this time, I know I did just about everything I could have done, so there is much more peace!

  3. Kathleen

    I have 2 boys, both by c-section. And I couldn’t love them any more than if their births had gone according to ‘plan’
    Best advice I got was from my doctor – Power Panties! Back when I had kids, they didn’t have all the compression workout gear, so it was those girdle panties. But they made a world of difference in feeling stable.
    Thanks for you blog. It’s helped me put some things in perspective.

  4. Congratulations, he’s lovely! I came across your first birth story and then looked to see if you had had another baby. I would like to share your stories on my fb page if that’s okay. I teach workshops about malposition. Thank you for sharing your stories

  5. Another beautiful birth! I am so glad you tried! My birth stories were exactly like yours. I tried VBAC with two of my sons after my first c-section but ended with c-sections with both but I felt like at least I tried, I ended up with beautiful healthy babies and that’s all I could ask for. Congratulations on your beautiful birth!

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