1. Bethany

    You are doing GREAT! You look great too! I’m praying you have a safe and great VBAC! A virtual two thumbs up to you! My
    Mom (midwife in TX) does vbacs all the time with a high success rate.

  2. Amanda H

    Way to go! Your body IS amazing! I’m fighting a little ‘pregnancy envy’ right now because I never made it to 40 weeks; my body completely made an unexpected turn toward pre-eclampsia! Kidding about the envy. I’m so happy for your health and mindset. You have worked so hard! And I’m not sure why VBACs are so taboo. I meet a lot of women who had them 25 and 30 years ago without even discussing it with their OBs; they just did it and weren’t encouraged otherwise. You’re healthy, you’re strong and I have complete faith that this birth will be everything you want it to be. I’m keeping you in my thoughts and hope you’ll post at least one picture of his precious little face! Good luck, Aprille!

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