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Dear exhausted mom who is really tired of snow days

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Tomorrow will be our 3rd snow day in the last week. This winter storm has also fallen on the heels of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and a teacher work day. So in the last nine days, my son has only been in school for one.

They – the random local people talking on the Internet – think that we *might* go back to school on Wednesday. WED-NES-DAY. I just can’t…

I’m about to lose my ever-lovin’ mind, people.

This is our third North Carolina winter and thus the third time we have had to deal with days upon days upon days of being cooped up in the house, and even though I planned ahead and bought gloves and boots and sleds and coffee creamer it has STILL knocked me on my mommy butt, AGAIN.

I would love to make this post a nice, tidy bulleted list of all the great ways to survive and THRIVE at snow days. {If you want that kind of post, I refer you to my friend NJ’s blog because she’s REALLY AWESOME at being the kind of mom who is scheduled and makes pancakes and has a stocked craft cupboard and BEING A FREAKING WONDER WOMAN at snow days.}

But this is not that post.

This is my advice for snow days for exhausted, introverted moms:

Dear exhausted mom who is really tired of snow days

Take lots of LONG showers. Utilize screen time. DRINK COFFEE. Get really good at apologizing for being irritable. Get out of the house if you can, at all, possibly. Take lots of pictures so you can remember the good times. Give the kids lots of quiet time in their rooms. Try not to get snow down your boots. Wear cute but comfortable clothes. For a laugh, peruse the #snowdayproblems hashtag on Twitter. Turn on happy music on Pandora. Escape to your room or the bathroom as often as possible.

TRY TO SURVIVE. And know that even though the successive snow days FEEL like 3 months, THEY WILL END. EVENTUALLY. (I think…)

Um, that’s all I got.

So, from one fed-up-with-snow-days mom to another…here’s some solidarity. And the best of the snow day pictures:

snow days 1

snow days 2

snow days 3

snow days 4

snow days 5



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