1. letwhylead

    Oh my, you could not have said this better. I DO love January for the fresh start and vigor it brings in, especially initially. But by the end of the month? I remember that it’s kind of the worst month of the year. 🙂 (Even the fact that I have a January bday barely helps!)

    • Oh man. That IS bad when even your bday doesn’t help. Mine is in February, which is still winter, but it’s the shortest month of the year and so I’m very ready for February! Especially because this year is the Olympics!

  2. Carrie Palaoro

    GREAT post Aprille, the way you express yourself is beautiful. Wishing you lots of energy to get through the rest of 2014 and all the new and amazing things this year has to offer.

    • Thank you so much…this was a post I wrote in my journal in a few stolen moments in my bedroom, eating Dove chocolate and listening to relaxation music on Pandora. Ten minutes of sanity and self-expression. 🙂

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