1. Dave LS

    Congrats on the healthy transition, the progress, the new-found wisdom, and welcome to reality. And you’re absolutely right–chiropractic is, largely, a religious crock.

    • katherine ness

      You were going to a bad chiropractor if you are having to go 3 times a week and if you CHOSE to live that lifestyle. Key focus-it was all in your head. You needed NUCCA care. Its one adjustment every 2 years. Get your head on straight and everything falls in place.

  2. Great article…I can so relate. We spent thousands of dollars on supplements, therapies, etc for our special needs daughters and got ourselves into some serious debt. Somewhere in the journey we began to trust in our wisdom rather than God’s healing. I started operating under so much guilt of “Not doing enough” that I couldn’t see the forest for the trees. We had to just stop all of it for a season and trust God had everything well in hand. Today we take a few supplements (under Dr. supervision) but we try to operate from a place of grace rather than legalism. Anything that steals my PEACE can’t stay.

    • I love this comment, and relate to it so much. We have had to back off of some therapies as well, because it was more stressful trying to make sure we were DOING ALL THE THINGS that it became unhealthy for us. Sometimes, a little bit of a good thing can turn into an obsession! Been there, done that!

  3. Amanda

    Preach! I, too, have relented and given in to doing things that before (in my early 20s) I believed to be succumbing to commercialism. But my antidepressant helps me be productive, my child’s formula kept me sane through the newborn stage, and her prescription hydrocortisone keeps her from scratching at her eczema until she bleeds…and that is something that coconut oil just couldn’t do. 🙂 She is also current on her vaccinations. I’m pretty sure everything in my shower is laden with parabens but I’m not dead yet. I’m so glad you’re feeling better!

  4. Dylan hernandez

    Congrats on your new road to health! I think this article would be more appropriately titled “How I took control of my health”. I’m a chiropractic student and I’ll be the first to tell you, this is my GOAL for every patient. Although it is true that some Chiros believe you need to be adjusted constantly throughout your life to maintain your health (which I would agree with the other commenter that this is religious quackery) most of us do not. Your husband is 100% correct in what you needed to do to be healthy. A good Chiro should guide your journey of exercise, diet, and lifestyle changes and use manual therapy as an adjunct when it is necessary. Keep up the excellent work and again, congrats on your choice to take control of your own health.

  5. Jason Davis

    Well done, as a Chiropractor I am glad to hear this. Chiropractors should be there when you need help for pain and symptoms, for advice, diagnosis and treatment, we are not a lifestyle or wellness profession and I and many of my evidence informed colleagues are sorry that you felt like you needed to become dependent on what I assume was ongoing preventative adjustments and so called “natural therapies”. Clearly the financial stress this caused outweighed any benefit you were getting. Modern chiropractors are more interested in getting you to recognise how resilient you are without dependence and yes we also believe that medication can be useful, and its not evil!

    • Every chiropractor I’ve been to has advocated for a lifestyle of chiropractic wellness care. Is there a good place to find chiropractors who are more evidence-informed?

  6. Shelby

    I just want to say thank you for your honesty and open-ness. I feel like the society we live in is really bent on beating us up for our decisions. I feel like no matter what decisions we make (crunchy or mainstream,) someone will tell us how we are wrong. I feel like as mothers we need to spend more time empowering and supporting each other. What is right for one person may not be right for another, what has worked in the past may not work in the future. I think the most important thing is that you make an educated decision based on facts not fears. Looking at the benefits and negatives of both sides. The decision you feel the Lord wants you to choose for your family… I have 3 children in a lower income household and am constantly suprising myself at how “crunchy” I really am. I grew up in a crunchy household. I believe in chiropractic, but have been adjusted once in the last 8 months. My husband and I try to choose “crunchy” things that we feel give us the most benefit for the cost. We refuse to go in debt for a specific living style. Example, instead of taking all supplements reccomended for me I choose to take only vitamin D and digestive enzymes. The vitamin D has done wonders for my anxiety and the enzymes keep my stomach aches away so I can actually function. We do not eat organic, but I try to be gluten free as much as I can by homemaking food. I buy ajax dish soap and All free and clear laundry detergent (just what works for us and our budget.)… I am excited that you have found what works for your family. I pray that you continue to do what is best and works for you and your family no matter what path that takes you down. Love and blessings to you!

    • Thank you so much, Shelby, for your understanding and sweet comment. I agree. I think that no matter what decisions we make, someone is going to think we are wrong. I’m all about setting that aside to support other moms!

  7. Susan Memmer

    I’m really late to the game here. I just wanted to say that chiropractic care is not a sham…it’s not. I’ve used it off and on for the last 20 years, ever since I dislocated my hip spectacularly in a high school basketball game. I’ve spent way less on pain medication and doctor visits by using my 24 visits a year to the chiropractor. I don’t pop pain meds, which is what happened when I stopped using the chiropractor because my husband thought it was useless, until I was in so much pain I ended up at the doctor and left with a prescription for an opiate that was supposedly going to cure me but only masked the real problem. My spine was compressed and curved from lack of care which probably had something to do with my bad exercise habits and unhealthy weight as well. With chiropractic care, my spine straightened and I gained back the inch in height I had lost over time. Any one of you who says their isn’t research to support chiropractic is either reading it from an unreliable source or just repeating what they heard another unreliable source say. The only caveat for me is that if I was in better physical condition, similar to the author’s husband when he said they needed to do all the things with diet and exercise that they should be, I probably wouldnt have to use chiropractic nearly as often or at all.

  8. I feel like I’m reading a story of someone breaking free from a cult… haha. Congratulations! And to be clear, I’m not knocking chiropractic or any of the other stuff you were doing, but when it comes to the point of obsession, it does become a little… cult-ish…

  9. Lisa

    I so understand this! Our son suffers due to early childhood trama… after years of struggle trying every natural remedy our family felt lost. Nothing worked well and most very little . We felt so guilty succumbing to dreaded medicine! But, we are finally thriving- because of modern medicine.

    Thank you for sharing this.

  10. Larry the healthier, thanks to chiropractic care person.

    So many dumb people period…….. Crooked, mis-aligned spinal bones put pressure on nerves that control all body functions, and cause all kinds of problems. Chiropractic alignment care removes this pressure and allows the body to function and be healthier. A little common sense can go a long way if you’ll let it.

  11. Wesley

    Hello! My wife, mother-in-law and several family friends are convinced they need to go to the chiropractor. They don’t have any symptoms other than “ I need to go to the chiropractor to get checked for imbalances.”

    They have drank the cool-aid of chiropractics. I did confront my wife about my un-belief a few months ago. She looked up and saw blogs reporting the lack of evidence supporting chiropractics and said she understood where I was coming from and that she would go to the chiropractor every other month instead of every month.

    Any ideas on how I can help our budget and save my wife’s time by getting her to stop going? My only real idea right now is an authoritative “I’m your husband, I want you to trust me to lead you, and I want you to stop going to the chiropractor.”

    Any help is appreciated!

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