My 2013 Allume Conference Experience

My 2013 #Allume Conference Experience {a landing page}

10 things my Allume roomies should know about me

all the amazing people I want to meet at Allume {in which I rip up my lists and relinquish control}

Paint, tote bags, elevator speeches, and learning the same lesson all over again

a time to plan intentionally, a time to surrender willingly (more thoughts about Allume)

my worst fear about Allume

when the online life and the “real” life collide

My 2013 #Allume Conference Experience {a landing page}

Together {Five Minute Friday – LIVE from #Allume!}

Three and a half days

She made time for me

In which I am humbled instead of star-struck

Wrinkles (why I’m not writing a book right now)

Write more, edit more, publish less

For when your love is depleted

They’re playing our song

Depleted love multiplied

Choosing the one beside me

They gave to me

“…for the time would fail me to tell of…”


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