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New Blog Series: Faithful Fitness Fridays (co-hosting at Wonderfully Made)

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I know that Friday is just about over, but I wanted to take a moment to share with you an exciting new blog series that I am going to be co-hosting over at Wonderfully Made.

Katie and I started talking about fitness (and our specific struggles and frustrations with our bodies and fitness in general) several months ago. I mentioned that I would be interested in guest posting for her at some point in the future. Then a few weeks ago, as the weather warmed, we decided together that we would try to incorporate fitness and healthy living into our daily lives and be accountable to each other.

It quickly morphed into us planning this blog series, Faithful Fitness Fridays.

Katie and I both are approaching this as moms with chronic health problems and food allergies as well as moms who have extenuating life circumstances (Katie, being a special-needs mom and I being the wife of a combat veteran).

This series is not about comparison or making moms feel guilty for not overcoming the “excuses” that keep them from maintaining a more healthy lifestyle. Our only goal is encouragement and rejoicing in the fact that we are all fearfully and wonderfully made by God – flaws, life circumstances, health problems, and all.

Faithful Fitness Fridays

I am going to be using this post as a landing page for all of the posts in the series, which will all air over at Wonderfully Made. Katie and I will be alternating authorship every week – sharing everything from our favorite workout songs to how to be mentally healthy.

So now, I invite you to head over to Wonderfully Made and read the first two posts in the series, in which Katie and I introduce our fitness stories and our goals for this series.

NEW SERIES! Faithful Fitness Fridays

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You can access this landing page at any time from the Faithful Fitness Fridays button on my sidebar, but I also encourage you to follow Wonderfully Made on Facebook, or to follow our Faithful Fitness Pinterest board!

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