1. Oh so true about the fall and I too love the fall time, but forget some of the things you mentioned above. Great job reminding and pointed them out here, especially the love of hoodies 🙂

  2. Amy

    You are so right – it seems to go faster every year! Here in CT, the trees will be bare in a week or so. It’ my favorite season and I wish it would last longer. 🙂 And I love coffee more in the fall / winter too…and homemade soup.

  3. Wanda

    aww nice cool weather, autumn colored leaves, hoodies, footballl, oh wait, Im dreaming, I live in Florida! Still high 80’s here and I am still working on my tan!! ;-0

    • Ha well come January when all the Christmas stuff is put up, the fascination will have worn off and I’ll be wishing I was in Florida! I love fall and winter and snow and Christmas and football, but come January 1st I’m pretty much like, “okay, I’m ready for it to be 70 degrees now!!”

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