1. Your last several sentences in your post “I’m gonna give him all of me. Because he’s worth it. And he always will be.” — I thought were profound! As we give ourselves to our spouses we are invited to do the same as the bride of Christ to the one who gave Himself to us in the same way. I hope your evening and your cake turned out delicious. Thanks for the post… encouraging ..good writing.

  2. I agree that marriage is never easy. After 21 years of marriage (the last 7 being post injury) I have found a sense of unity recently that wasn’t there before. I personally had to learn to let go of my ego & pride, which took a lot of growing up emotionally. There’s nothing wrong with disagreeing as long as both people are able to express their true thoughts and be heard. We are designed to be a help mate for one another, not to complete the other person. Only God can do that.

  3. Judy

    We like things easy and pleasant. However, some of the best things in life take hard work, resolve and commitment. Your message is so important – things may be hard, but it is worth it. May the Lord bless your anniversary and every moment you have together.

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