1. Love this so much!!! My boy (who is now almost 7 and fully trained) was by far my hardest. We were definitely on the two year plus plan with potty training, but we survived and lived to tell about it! 🙂

  2. Sarah

    Aprille, this is hilarious! I am so there right now. Potty training my first three, although it was no “weekend breeze,” was so much easier than my fourth. At five years old, he still can’t be trusted to go poop on the toilet every time, or wait for help when he does. Frustration was my companion for a long time, but I have resigned myself to the fact that we are making progress. Very slow progress, but progress all the same. I have great hopes that he will be fully compliant with all rules of social protocol by the time he graduates from high school. Extra special Mother’s day awards for your perseverance!

    • Ahhh so glad to know that someone understands! I think you have me beat by a few years – I think you deserve the award for perseverance! I can’t imagine dealing with potty training for what 3, 4 years – while on the road?!?! Wowza. 🙂

  3. Laughing along with you. I swear! My daughter totally did the 3-day potty-training and it worked like a charm and I thought OH, it will SO work with David, too. We tried hardcore in January (he turned 3 in Dec) and for TWO WEEKS until I finally realized he just DID NOT CARE. And I couldn’t make him care.

    Recently I felt like he was more ready and I guess he was. It took him a good two weeks to be able to poop in the potty … and only after I made him take a shower when he pooped in his underwear. A cool shower. And clean himself. But he has never had constipation issues – just the opposite.

    Another very wise mom told me that just because he doesn’t want to potty train does not mean he is stupid or weird. It does not reflect on you as a parent.

    • They tell me boys are just harder to train… I don’t feel it reflects negatively on me as a parent – just drives me insane is all. I tell you – I HATE POOPY DIAPERS! lol had to change a NASTY one this morning. Still, he’s making tremendous progress and pooping in the potty almost every day! 🙂

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  5. balmtomysoul

    LOL!! I think this is hilarious. My little ones are through the potty training stage, and I am glad!! Prayer does help, though. Thanks for a reminder of one of the things I am grateful is done!!

  6. studyathomemama

    We have a mixture of different ages training/learning in my daycare, but I notice success is almost always tied with other boosts for independence… and it’s always the boys! The girls seem to know that privacy in the bathroom is their key to later dominance of the household…

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