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A few random things {because if I don’t blog I just might go crazy}

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Right now I’m hungry, sunburnt, craving a nap and a cup of coffee (not necessarily in that order), and a little bit cranky and irritable.

I haven’t written in about a week and didn’t even realize it. And then it hit me and I got the urge and itch to let my fingers fly across the keyboard and just say something…ANYTHING… I can’t seem to formulate a decent string of thoughts, let alone anything worthy of an entire post. So for now, here’s some randomness.


1) Homemade chemical-free sunscreen is for the birds…er…the lobsters. If you are human, you might want to use the stuff with chemicals that will actually keep you from looking like one.

2) While we are on that subject. Seriously…can we just STOP posting about how this, that, or the other thing is going to kill our children? Thank you very much.

3) There are no pictures on my walls even though I’ve lived here nearly three months and I’m totally okay with that…because…#whitespace. (Also, because when I hang pictures they are always crooked and drive me insane.)

4) Speaking of #whitespace, I haven’t yet read Bonnie Gray’s book Finding Spiritual Whitespace. In fact, I hadn’t even heard of it until the end of April. In other words, I liked whitespace before it was a cool bloggy trend. And now I’m annoyed because I hate being a part of cool bloggy trends. Even more annoying is the fact that I feel like I need to tell you all of that. See also: another day, another flaw

5) Some days I want another baby so badly it hurts, but I never talk about it because it’s such a multi-faceted issue that I know people won’t understand.

6) I forgot how much I loved country music (and how therapeutic it is) until I worked on this post for Faithful Fitness Fridays.

7) Healing from fundamentalism is a very long, complicated, arduous process full of ups and downs and rather shocking revelations. The downs come when I least expect them.

8) Speaking of country music and Fundamentalism – sometimes I use breakup songs as therapy. Hence why A Little Bit Stronger by Sara Evans just made me cry.

9) Sometimes I just need to blow the whole afternoon watching dumb TV…every day for a week…and I’m okay with that.

10) As bad a rap as the VA gets, they are taking amazingly good care of my little family and I am incredibly thankful for them.

11) Probably at least 10 times a day I want to get on Facebook or my blog and vent about something I’ve seen on social media, but I refrain because I know it wouldn’t do any good.

12) Summer with my boy has been a lot more bearable than I was expecting. Honestly, it’s been great – if I don’t think too much about how much TV he has watched – and with the exception of sunburn. See #1. We’ve also done little to no preschool. And I’m totally okay with that too – even though it sort of makes me feel like a fraud for doing a series on homeschool preschool.

13) Speaking of my boy, he can now dress himself, pick out his own clothes, poop in the potty without prompting, and wipe his own butt. I’m practically out of a job. See also #5.

14) I’m still paranoid that our church is going to hurt us or that one or the other of us is going to get “in trouble” for something we’ve posted on Facebook or our blogs and sometimes I feel like people don’t like me. But then I wonder if it’s all in my head. And I also wonder if I’ll ever get over this.

15) I can’t say thank you enough for my friends who have helped me process crap. They know who they are.

16) I really hate Pinterest and the whole Pinterest culture – even though I’m begrudgingly a part of it.

17) If you haven’t yet, I really want you to read this.


So, there you have it…some of the randomness that’s been going through my head the past few weeks. So, if you wonder where I am or why I’m quiet, it’s probably because I’m watching dumb TV, getting sunburnt, processing crap, talking to my friends, or trying to keep my mouth shut about stupidity on social media.

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