The Adventures of the ChickFilA Cow (The Mother’s Day Gift That Kept On Giving)

It was Mother’s Day morning and we were preparing to leave our thee-year-old son with my in-laws so that my husband and I could take our first kid-free vacation since before he was born.

Ezra was aware of the day, “Mommy Thank You Day” as he called it (Daniel Tiger fans will understand this) – but Daddy reminded him that he should do something special for Mommy since it was Mommy Thank You Day.

Ezra said, “Oh, I know!” and ran off to his bedroom in a hurry.

He came back with his hand behind his back and then in a flurry of drama pulled out a gift and said, “SURPRISE!!!!”

It was Cow – his favorite stuffed animal.

Cow 1

Now, let me tell you where Cow’s story begins.

Once upon a time, I took Ezra to ChickFilA and met a friend there for lunch. We ate and then Ezra went off to play in the play area (which I was sitting RIGHT next to). I engrossed myself in adult conversation, until a restaurant associate came up to me with Ezra and Cow in tow and said this:

“I found him wandering around the store looking for his mommy – so I gave him this cow.”

Somehow Ezra had gotten out of the enclosed play area without my noticing – not my proudest mothering moment.

But the thing about the ChickFilA Cow is that Ezra just adores him (or her – as just this week we were at a store that had a chickA cow with a bow in her hair). Whenever Cow comes out, Ezra will literally follow Cow around the store, hugging and kissing on Cow at every turn. Like, it’s almost stalkerish.

So, to have his own Cow…that was pretty neat.

Now, Ezra still isn’t a huge stuffed animal person and it’s not like he’s gotten so attached to this thing that he takes it everywhere or sleeps with it every night, but there are some nights he asks for Cow and he loves it when Daddy tells him “Cow stories” about all of Cows adventure. So, in that sense, Cow is definitely his favorite.

So when Ezra gave me Cow for Mother’s Day – that was A BIG DEAL.

At the time, I was sitting on the computer reading Honest Toddler’s Mother’s Day Post – so I was already doomed to be a pile of mush…

But it was this big moment when I felt like the most loved mommy in the whole universe.

Which made me second guess leaving him for the next three days to run away with my husband.

Then, my husband (who can I just say is pretty much a genius) had a genius idea. He told Ezra that we were going to take Cow on our trip with us so that he could have all sorts of adventures. And that we would take pictures of Cow so that he could look at them when he got back.

Ezra’s response:

“WOW!!! That’s GREAT!!!!!!”

So, without further ado…


Hello. I’m Cow. I haz advenchurs.

Carseetz ar for boyz, not cowz:

01 chickfila cow trip

Cow pumpz gas:

02 chickfila cow pumping gas

Cool carz at Luvs Travul Plaza:

03 chickfila cow loves travel plaza

Pink carz r for gurlz, not cowz:

04 chickfila cow pink cadillac diner

Root beerz is gud. So iz frize.

05 chickfila cow pink cadillac cafe

06 chickfila cow pink cadillac cafe

Cow like see animalz.

cow 2

cow goats

07 cow peacock

Buj-jeez were coolest.

08 cow parakeets

09 cow monkeys

Appul-a-shun trail. Gud for cowz:

10 cow appalachian trail


11 cow bear safety

Dis man cra-zee. Cow not made for hites:

12 cow hiking

13 cow rocks

Cow makez diskuveree:

14 chickfila cow railroad spikes

Sholldr rides can be danjerus for Cowz:

15 Chickfila cow piggy back ride

Bed and brek-fust. Cumfy bed. Ah…:

39 chickfila cow bed and breakfast

Seen-ick over-look:

16 chickfila cow scenic overlook

17 chickfila cow scenic overlook b

18 chickfila cow scenic overlook

In my elem-entz at ChickFilA. Eat mor chickin!

19 chickfila cow at chickfila

20 chickfila cow at chickfila

21 chickfila cow ice cream

Cow needz caf-eene on tripz:

22 chickfila cow at starbucks

Cool stop to see truckz:

23 chickfila cow volvo 780

24 chickfila cow volvo repair

25 chickfila cow 780

Pocketz are cufmy too:

26 chickfila cow daddys pocket

Cool stor:

28 Chickfil cow tractor supply company

Dey haz bookz on chickinz. EAT MOR CHICKIN!

27 chickfila cow learning about chickens

Groshury shopz is boreeng for cowz:

29 chickfila cow grocery shopping

But dey letz me driiv:

30 chickfila cow driving

Fancee shmancee din-ur. Not chickin. Stillz yum:

31 chickfila cow fancy dinner

Drinkz on da houze:

32 chickfila cow drinks on the house

Made frenz. Herman. Dussurt on da houze:

33 chickfila cow dessert

Bus ridez r cool:

35 chickfila cow harpers ferry shuttle

Harpurz Fa-ree:

34 chickfila cow harpers ferry

Finaleez! Me timez:

35 chickfila cow watching thomas the tank engine

Lovez fello cows. EAT MOR CHICKIN!

36 chickfila cow seeing a live cow


37 chickfila cow at boulder crest

Mor frenz:

38 chickfila cow at boulder crest



In all seriousness, taking Cow with us on our vacation totally made the trip. It kept Ezra in our minds while still allowing us to have fun, stimulate our creativity, and connect as a couple. It was also a great conversation starter with people we met (the waitresses and staff at Magnolia’s on the Mill REALLY got into the role-playing with us and we had a blast of a date night).

For more pictures of Cow and to see more specifically (in non-Cow-speak) all of the places we went, check out my prior post about our trip.

8 thoughts on “The Adventures of the ChickFilA Cow (The Mother’s Day Gift That Kept On Giving)

  1. This is the most genius idea ever…..I often travel for work and have always worried about how that might be hard someday when I have kids. I will def. be filing this idea away fro future use on those trips……

    • Awesome!!! It really does help to stay connected. Our son got to see pictures of Cow on Facebook while we were gone and then he saw the rest when we got back. It was a blast!

  2. We did a Flat Stanley project for my niece one year and took a picture of her with us all over NYC. It was so incredibly fun!
    Your husband IS a genius. :) Love it!!

  3. I was one of the waitresses of which you speak from Magnolias. I have to tell you what a fun night you made for me! The love you two have for each other, and for your son, oozes from you…lol. I was also intrigued to go home and look up the military retreat you stayed at…what an incredible place that is, I had no idea it even existed. I was also happy to see that you took my recommendation and went to Harpers Ferry…I hope it was a blessing to you, it’s such a beautiful place. It was really great meeting you two, you will stay on my mind for a long time to come….

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