1. I’m so thankful that I read this. It has filled my heart with hope. I’m a mom of twin girls who have special needs. I sometimes feels so lonely I can hardly stand it. It is so encouraging to read that you can become close friends with someone who lives 800 miles away. My friend is out there somewhere, but I just haven’t found her yet.

    • You are not alone in your loneliness, I know that. I always wanted a best friend, you know the kind who lives next door or across town. Instead, she lives so many states away and we’ve only met in person once. My two other best friends I also met online and one of them I’ve only met once, the other I’ve never met in person. It’s amazing how the internet has changed friendships. I hope God brings a friend along your way – online or otherwise!

  2. What a beautiful story Aprille! And, had I not known that you and Katie had never met before, I would have assumed you were life long BFF’s at Allume 🙂 This post is a great reminder that one small act of kindness can have life changing results!

  3. Jane Allen

    You’ve just encouraged me to pay it forward. It does help others and we become more Christ-like. I’m happy to read this story of transformation and to know that the tide can turn in my favor too. Yes, I’ll testify of the Lord’s goodness very soon.

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