Why sometimes I call it “Micmiss”

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It all started out with my older brother Kurt, his high school art class, and an inside joke that no one can remember who started. Everyone would say “mic” all the time. It was always “mic” this and “mic” that. For instance, when they would say McDonalds, they would really emphasize the “Mc” part. (Who knows what goes through the brains of high school boys that this was utterly hilarious!) When they started listening to Christmas music in class, of course it became MICmiss.

My family picked this up while I was still in junior high, because Kurt brought home everything from art class including all of their inside jokes. So “micmiss” became what we called it to be cute and silly during our happy family time!

In 2007, I put up lights in my room, and then sent my then-fiancé Russ this text message that said something like “I got the micmiss lights on, and I want to cuddle with you…” He thought it was so “adorable” that he “declared” that we could call it “Micmiss” from now on.

So please, understand, I mean no irreverence to Christ at all. It really is just a cute family inside-joke fun thing.


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